I Am Strong

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
— Mahatma Gandhi

How well do you know your strengths?

Have you ever been challenged with the though, "What am I actually good at?" or "What are my true strengths?"

The standard answer people give to this is to explore your skills, do a career adaptability test, ask a friend what they think, etc. This is great advice but there's something missing. A crucial element that somehow even professionals so often miss.

  • How do you find your strengths if you don't even know what's possible?

  • How can you articulate your strengths if you don't have the words to express them?

  • How can you live in alignment with your strengths if you've never been given the tools?

You're not alone. Millions of people around the world and for generations gone by have lived and died without ever knowing their true calling. It's happening all around us and it's sad. 

But you've just taken a massive step forwards by coming here. 

Silvana Nossiter, clinical counsellor and the creator of Strength Cards, has come across this issue many times with her clients and eventually, sick of the lack of available resources, decided to make a unique little set of cards. Simple at first with just single words hand written on the front; Strengths that you could search through and find one that you resonate with. And over time, with some extra design help, the cards have developed into a beautiful 50 pack, with individual designs customised to each strength. On the back of each card is a definition of that strength and a handful of extra words that relate to that strength. The result is an incredibly useful tool that not only instantly increases your personal strengths vocabulary but also helps you to find real meaning behind your inherent strengths. 

So lets take this a bit deeper:

It's one thing to know that you're "AWARE" but it's a whole different thing to hold that attribute in your hand, to carry that physical strength in your wallet, to run your fingers over the velvet smooth surface of it admiring the quality and design of it. It just seems to fit you really well. Then turn it over and seeing the words "Having and showing realisation, perception or knowledge." And you know that that's you! That's your strength, right there staring back at you. And under that description it says "Appreciative, Attentive, Awake, Conscious, Familiar, Informed, Mindful, Alert". In the one moment you hold in your hand a real, tangible, ambassador of your true inner qualities. And you know as you hold it there, the bold, red, cursive "Aware" out in the open for all to see, that this is your calling. This is your decision maker. This, your true strength is what sets you apart from everyone around you and you feel not only obliged but inspired to live your life focusing on being truly aware. Serving as someone who is truly aware. And something incredible happens. As time goes on, and day by day you remember your strength, you become exceptional at that quality.

You become exceptional, because you're made to be exceptional.

Congratulations! You've become part of a growing and inspirational movement of people learning how to really live in the most effective, ethical and powerful way. You're learning how to live the way we were always meant to live - Strong

Why only strengths?

Martin Seligman, the Father of positive psychology says this:

The good life consists in deriving happiness by using your signature strengths every day in the main realms of living. The meaningful life adds one more component: using these same strengths to forward knowledge, power or goodness.

We're constantly being reminded of our weaknesses. Actually it's proven that focusing on your weaknesses causes you to embody those qualities more and more. This results in a cascading negative flow of effects. It starts in your mind, then spreads quickly to your emotions via your amygdala, self esteem plummets, then incredibly it also translates unconsciously to your body as well, causing you to actually become physically weaker, not just strength wise, but also your resilience to infection, disease and general sickness decreases. Often the sickest people are people who have been constantly reminded, either by them selves or by others of their weaknesses.

We're not into that! We think that sucks. Why live a life of weakness when with a few simple steps you can thrive in strength?

So we're really happy to show you this new and powerful tool for discovering your strengths, then learning to embody them in your day to day life. 

Become an expert at leveraging your own unique personality, experience and talents to make your world a much better place. 

Become the best at who you are and witness incredible transformations in your own life and lives of others around you. 




Strength cards are so much more than a tool for your own wellbeing.

Strength Cards were designed by Professional Counsellor, Silvana Nossiter as a tool in her own counselling practice and have been used very successfully to help many people become self aware, actively seek and embody their own strengths and grow into amazing individuals.

Do you have someone in your life who's experiencing anxiety? Someone who seems to have low self esteem? A loved one that could use a boost?

Use Strength Cards as a simple and powerful little gift. Either give an entire pack or give individual cards. 

Are you an encourager? Perhaps you are? Show your encouragement by giving individual cards to people when you see that they've shown a particular strength. The power of encouragement is severely underestimated. Your simple little token of encouragement will be a small ripple that spreads out and out further than you can imagine. Try it and see, if you haven't already done so.

I wish to thank you so much for making these simple little treasure messages available . It is amazing how one little word can bring back the positive thoughts in times of doubt. They are definitely a valuable addition to my tool bag of knowledge and tricks
— YC

Words in the initial Strength Cards pack include: Adaptable, Adventurous, Affectionate, Carefree, Clean, Committed, Creative, Empathetic, Generous, Growing, Happy, Hard Worker, Inspiring, Just, Loving, Mindful, Ordered, Passionate, Patient, Proud, Resourceful, Sensible, Serving, Thoughtful, Fun, Gentle, Grounded, Intuitive, Kind, Level Headed, Nurturing, Outgoing, Playful, Resilient, Respectful, Self-Controlled, Spirited, Talented, Teachable, Tolerant, Trustworthy, Aware, Blossoming, Colourful, Good, Intelligent, Joyful, Spiritual, Stamina. 

We're committed to continuing dedication to your wellbeing. As you read this, we're developing more cards and high quality resources. Can't wait to show you them. 

For Professionals

These cards are such a valuable resource and really easy to use. Such great colours and wonderful choice of strengths, although I can’t wait for the refil packs to be available! I am a psychologist and I have been using these cards in sessions with clients with great success. Thank you very much for all the hard work that went into them.
— Amanda Curran (Psychologist)

Strength Cards have been developed by professionals first and foremost for professionals. This tool is an incredibly efficient way of realising a clients strong points and areas that need work. One of the key issues for people needing therapy is a lack of awareness of their own identity, their place, contributions and impact within relationships, family, community and culture. One of the key elements within this issue is a lack of awareness of one's own strengths. We found that there was such a need for this awareness and such a lack of quality resources to help in this and so these cards were developed. The fruit of our own frustrations and awareness of this need.

At New Leaf Counselling and Family Therapy, so many people have now benefited from the use of these cards. We're very proud to say that they have been an integral part of clients growth and rehabilitation. We're yet to find anyone who doesn't find them helpful.

How to use strength Cards

For Yourself

  1. Have Strength Cards on your bedside table or somewhere you'll see them each morning. Every day have a flick through and choose 3 strengths you can embody for that day. You'll very soon get to know your strengths intimately and see them working out in your life in ways that will amaze you.

  2. Choose 1 - 3 Cards that identify strengths you'd like to display more of. Discuss with a friend or journal ways you can make this happen

  3. Use your Strength Cards as Journal Prompts. Write about the strengths you display or could use more of. Write yourself a goal and plan how to achieve this. Write about the benefits of these strengths

  4. Use Strength Cards to identify strengths in significant others around you in order to help you understand others – you may choose to give them the card that you yourself identify as a strength in them.

For a friend

  1. Give a pack to someone who might benefit from a little boost.

  2. Share out individual cards as a little token of encouragement. I guarantee they'll appreciate it and your relationship will be strengthened as a result.

As a professional

  • Are you a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health worker, youth worker, support worker, mentor or in some other field of physical, mental or emotional health? These cards were designed with this exact situation in mind. Use the cards to help your clients to see and embody their strengths. Get them to flick through and choose 3 strengths that they relate to. Go through the definitions and synonyms and spend some time discussing it together. They can work as a great lead in to helpful and usually deep conversations.

In a group

  • A couple of packs shared around a group can be a powerful tool. They can be easily handed around and flicked through due to the single ring binding, but the ring is easy to undo and cards can be shared around the group. Fantastic discussions can begin based on which cards people have chosen and why.