I Am Strong

About Silvana

First and foremost, Sil is passionate about 2 things. Sharing how to have excellent mental health, and creativity.

Sil is a Mother of 3 now mostly grown up kids and the wife and life partner of Steve.

Sil was married and entered Motherhood at an early age and hasn't looked back since. There have been some extremely hard times working through struggles including depression, anxiety chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as the day to day fun of running a household. 

Sil has always been interested in serving having run and participated in various groups including mums and tots, youth and various craft and art disciplines.

Recently Silvana has taken her helping nature and developed it, completing her Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Family Therapy. She now owns and runs New Leaf Counselling and Family Therapy in Ballina NSW and is focusing on the betterment of mental health of youth and Uni students. The unique principles Sil has developed are being utilised to help people of all ages and situations. 

One thing Sil keeps coming back to in counselling is how important it is to not only have functional resources but ones that people will love to use. It's pretty hard to be inspired by black writing on an A4 piece of paper. So, Sil now uses on a regular basis, Interactive Drawing techniques and out of the box methods. Kids and adults both love it, Sil really loves it. Another tool that Sil and her husband Steve have recently developed is Strength Cards. These are beautifully designed cards with strengthening words on them that help people to realise and take action on their strengths.

Another method that Sil has recently taken on is Mindful movement and dance, using the Nia Technique. Sil now runs Nia dance classes and workshops in Lennox Head and Lismore.




Your emotional health is paramount

About New Leaf's Products

There is so much beauty in life. Lets take full advantage of it, shall we.

All of New Leaf's products are first and foremost about healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul. The fact that they also happen to be really creative and great to use is a bonus.

Sil has always been a creator of beautiful things. Inspired by Nature, God and Family, Sil has taken on many forms of art but has really taken to screen printing, book binding and design. This has also been handed down to her family as they also have become amazing artists in their unique fields. 

The process of Sil's designs is usually top down. First there's a need, so a solution is created. Then Sil and her husband Steve find a way to make it creative and really great to hold, touch and use. Because Sil's always designing and creating gorgeous things, sometimes the design just happens to come first. I guess that's just the way life goes. :)



About New Leaf Counselling and Family Therapy

This is a great little private counselling practice based in Ballina, NSW. New Leaf provides therapy for any age and any issue, but specialises in Youth and kids. 

Appointments generally run for 1hr and are weekly to start out, moving to fortnightly and monthly as things progress.

To arrange an appointment, or to start a weekly or fortnightly counselling journey, feel free to call Silvana on:

0402 630 184 or by email at   sil@newleafcounselling.com.au