I Am Strong

Special Offer for Northern Rivers mental health professionals

Hi - As developers of counselling and psychotherapy resources, (ones that actually look and feel good to use), we’d like to introduce you to our favourite product, “Strength Cards”

Strength cards are set of 50 palm size cards each with a unique and positive personal strength written on the front. On the back is an easy to understand definition of that strength and a list of synonyms to expand that strength even further.

They are all created to be very unique, beautiful, and relevant designs catering to more visual people, like ourselves. Each card is strong, thick card stock and has a lovely satin gloss finish so they are really beautiful and inviting to touch, hold and use.

Why Strength Cards

The idea behind strength cards was developed because in the counselling office we were finding that people really didn’t have the right language to express their personal strengths. Our aim is to expand people’s vocabulary and in doing so help them to realise that they are much stronger than they thought they were.

Why they’re better

It’s one thing to be able to say what you think your strengths are, but actually holding your personal strength in your hand, to look at it, to turn it over, to run your thumb over it, brings a whole other level of realisation. This physical activity triggers entirely different sections of your brain expanding and reinforcing the concept to bring your personal strengths into a whole new and enduring reality.

Our Exclusive Offer to the Northern Rivers

At “I Am Strong” we sell “Strength Cards” online for $35 each and we are inviting you to partner with us to bring “Strength Cards” to your clients by offering you special package pricing.

As a local Northern Rivers small business we are only reaching out to other Northern Rivers based businesses like yourself at this stage. We would love you to be a part of this and take advantage of this exclusivity.

We’ve customised a couple of packages that we think will suit you so all you have to do is order the one that makes the most sense to you and we’ll get it shipped out to you within the next couple of days. There is limited Stock on the shelf as we speak so jump in fast.

As a bonus we will give you full access to the online downloadable PDF versions of all of the “Strength Cards” so you can print them off and use them with your clients.

- Steve and Sil Nossiter - I Am Strong


5 Pack

Buy 5 packs of Strength cards and receive $25 off and full access to Downloadable PDF Printable Strength Cards


10 Pack

Buy 10 packs of Strength cards and receive $100 off and full access to Downloadable PDF Printable Strength Cards


20 Pack

Buy 20 packs of Strength cards and receive $300 off and full access to Downloadable PDF Printable Strength Cards

What people are saying about Strength Cards

“I introduced the 'Strength Cards' to my staff team for our annual planning day this year. It was very successful. I am now planning on using them with other members of my working environment.” - Andji

“I LOVE the srrength cards, as soon as I received them I had so many ideas how they can be used. My students, family and myself will all benefit immensely from these inspirational cards. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool to help build strength and confidence 👍” - Deb

“Thank you so much for these cards! As a creative I feel much more motivated to use them as they are stylish and look cool unlike a boring black and white book or sheet of paper. They sit on my bedside table and every few nights I reflect on a few cards. Very smart and useful idea :D” - Melody