I Am Strong

How do I use Strength Cards

For Yourself

  1. Have Strength Cards on your bedside table or somewhere you'll see them each morning. Every day have a flick through and choose 3 strengths you can embody for that day. You'll very soon get to know your strengths intimately and see them working out in your life in ways that will amaze you.

  2. Choose 1 - 3 Cards that identify strengths you'd like to display more of. Discuss with a friend or journal ways you can make this happen

  3. Use your Strength Cards as Journal Prompts. Write about the strengths you display or could use more of. Write yourself a goal and plan how to achieve this. Write about the benefits of these strengths

  4. Use Strength Cards to identify strengths in significant others around you in order to help you understand others – you may choose to give them the card that you yourself identify as a strength in them.

For a friend

  1. Give a pack to someone who might benefit from a little boost.

  2. Share out individual cards as a little token of encouragement. I guarantee they'll appreciate it and your relationship will be strengthened as a result.

As a professional

  • Are you a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health worker, youth worker, support worker, mentor or in some other field of physical, mental or emotional health? These cards were designed with this exact situation in mind. Use the cards to help your clients to see and embody their strengths. Get them to flick through and choose 3 strengths that they relate to. Go through the definitions and synonyms and spend some time discussing it together. They can work as a great lead in to helpful and usually deep conversations.

In a group

  • A couple of packs shared around a group can be a powerful tool. They can be easily handed around and flicked through due to the single ring binding, but the ring is easy to undo and cards can be shared around the group. Fantastic discussions can begin based on which cards people have chosen and why.